Have a roast battle coming up…? – Behold, a free questionnaire based on the childhood game of “20 Questions” to help meet your partner and dig up the dirt for roasting.

Set a date or go over via email. In your responses feel free to expand on or be silent for any issues. We encourage meeting on Zoom but writing responses to the following is also possible.

You will find the more you trade and collaborate the more you are promoted. Of course this is a fun exchange; I would encourage trending Instagrams; Facebook and Tinder… hmm, Twitter accounts.

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Attack Plan $5

As you may quickly find, writing for a roast show is very different from writing for a late night; standup or one-person show. Here you have have a specific target and agenda that being… to murder your opponent. Learning specialized writing techniques for a roast could take hours of studying tape, watching roast shows, taking apart their comedy pieces and figuring out how to how they work. 

Instead this quick one-hour “attack plan” which offers a surefire method for joke writing which will leave you with your best jokes for the judges. It will also give you tips on how to use your roasting jokes for other forms of comedy. I’ve even included a simple index of delivery methods to make it painful for your enemies and painless for you as a writer.

Ryan Lee Comedy E-Book

In collaboration with Lue Deck. (Peabody Award Nominee, Comedy Store Hollwood) Lue and Ryan reflect on lessons in comedy; performance; roasting and hosting. A must read for students of comedy.

Comedy Tips and Experience, a journey with Lue Deck and Ryan Lee, Comedy EBook, coming soon.

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